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We have a totally unique ethical model to deliver corporate legal services. 

Aria Grace Law CIC is a unique business model and a total game-changer. Every client, every lawyer, and society does better as a result of our ethical model. Our lawyers are partners coming from top City or US law firms or major in-house departments, and we don't have expensive overheads so we pass all cost savings back to clients so that clients get great value. We pay all our lawyers equally 90% of the fees, and we deliver real diversity, inclusion, and equality. We give all our profits to charity and undertake great pro bono work. 

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Our Founder

Lindsay Healy founded Aria Grace Law CIC at the end of 2018. He is a corporate lawyer having spent his first 20 years working at Norton Rose Fulbright and latterly at Xchanging PLC/CSC a FTSE 250 company. He set up Aria Grace Law CIC to overhaul the traditional legal market which not only suffers from a lack of diversity, inclusion, equality, transparency and equal pay but one which was also predicated on greed and poor value to clients. His solution is to place lawyers, clients and society in one ecosystem, whereas one section does better so do the other sections. He has grown Aria Grace Law CIC within 3 years from 1 lawyer and 2 corporate clients to over 40 lawyers and 500+ clients.


An experience with Aria Grace Law CIC

The Aria Grace Law CIC Model is simply this: one ecosystem for clients, lawyers and society, now and for the future – if we can show that a Law Firm can be profitable AND ethical (especially with the perceived reputation of lawyers) then anyone can follow or copy our model in any industry.

For our clients: All our lawyers are partners coming from top City or US law firms who provide legal and commercial advice at great value. We have very low overheads and pass on all cost savings to our clients. We do the full scale of corporate and commercial deals from contract negotiation to M&A transactions, privacy and employment. Take a look at our testimonials to see the great things that clients have to say about us.


​For our lawyers: Our lawyers get 90% of the fees – this is much higher than anywhere else. Consequently, our lawyers are able to work fewer hours and charge clients less whilst still earning more than our competitors – this is beneficial for many reasons. Diversity and inclusion are baked into our DNA and we enable true flexible working. Everyone, including the founder, gets paid in the same way. Our ethical model means we have excellent lawyers who are happy, healthy, focused and devoted to our clients – as a working model it is a game-changer.

For our society: Aria Grace Law CIC gives all its profits to charity and good causes – in our first financial year we donated £25,000, in 2021 we donated £200,000 and we are chasing £2 million for 2022. We plant a tree after every deal and scored an "A" in the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Circulytics assessment. We also act pro-bono when people need us but can’t afford us such as the work we did on the Post Office Scandal at the Court of Criminal Appeals.  

It is one ecosystem for all, a fair and ethical business structure for this generation and those that will follow.


Our mission

Our mission is twofold: to demonstrate (1) through deeds not words, that a law firm can be profitable, be excellent and serve its clients whilst simultaneously driving ethical standards of equality, diversity, flexibility, equal pay and giving all of our profits to charity and good causes together with delivering sustainability, a zero carbon footprint, and scoring an “A” in Circulytics….. and (2) that if a law firm can do this, then any business can. Below we list the five key elements of this mission:

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Testimonials from our clients

"Aria Grace Law are very efficient business lawyers who have helped our company on getting ready for the GDPR legislation and also reviewed some of our technology contracts – they provide a high quality, responsive service. They were able to ask me all the right questions and get a clear understanding of our business. They recommended the next steps that will help address compliance with the new legislation and improvements to our currents framework solutions.  I will definitely use them again." 
Paola Cavallin, General Counsel, Plextek
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