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Excellence with Purpose

Empowering lawyers, clients & society today, for a better tomorrow.

A New Vision

We operate at the cutting edge of the legal profession whilst leaving a meaningful footprint on the world today and tomorrow.

Our model is one which all businesses can follow as we endeavour to inspire and lead social progress and positive change.

For Lawyers

For Clients

Sharing Wealth

For lawyers  - earn 90% of fees in a non - corporate environment.

For clients -  a Tier 1 level service without the exorbitant fees.

For society -  all our profits are donated to charity.

For tomorrow - we want our model to be copied by all businesses.

Our Services

Competition & Antitrust Law

Competition and economic regulation services.

Employment Law

Contentious issues, agreements and documentation.

Intellectual Property Law

Developing effective strategies to manage and leverage IP.

In House Support

Developing in house legal strategies, governance and engagement.

Commercial Law

Giving your business the expertise and advice it needs.

Commercial Property Law

Non - contentious commercial property law.

Data Protection & GDPR

Compliance roadmap, assessments & analysis.

Media Law

Traditional and digital media compliance and management.

General Counsel

Full bredth legal services as your in house team.

Corporate Law

Dealing with issues and transactions of all sizes.

Compliance Consulting

Designing, building and developing compliance functions.

Technology & Outsourcing

IP and technology solutions across finance and professional services.

Dispute Resolution 

Ethical mediation, arbitration & expert determination.

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