Banking & Finance Law

At Aria Grace Law, we have a team of banking and finance lawyers who have experience in advising financial institutions, wealth managers, investment funds, hedge funds, trust companies, firms and corporates (large and small) across many jurisdictions. We provide regulatory and transactional advice and guidance to clients in London and several European cities.

Who do we help? 

Whether you are acting as a borrower, guarantor, lender, trustee, servicer, account bank, account manager, financial project coordinator, arranger, a hedge provider, equity or debt holder, investor or similar, we can assist you in structuring, drafting, negotiating and reviewing various aspects of your financial or investment transactions. We can also assist with any regulatory matters that you face.

We are also keen to assist smaller retail or larger professional investors in their investment wealth management activities and/or expansion into other finance deals. This is through our network of venture capital, wealth management, start-up and angel investment firms.  

What type of documentation do we advise on?

Our experienced lawyers advise on all of the documents listed below related to your overall business terms, or on specific transactional or regulatory issue impacting your business, client base, or a particular transaction. 

  • Terms of business.

    • Drafting new terms of business or update existing versions (i.e. due to regulatory changes or in the instance that you are offering a new product or service).

    • Conducting “fit for purpose” assessments on existing terms of business. 

    • Managing client disputes or rebuttals in respect of terms of business.


  • Investment management agreements or investment advisory arrangements. 


  • Terms and conditions of equity or debt instrument. 


  • Broker dealer, inter-dealer or inter-broker arrangements.


  • Trading documentation.

    • We are experts on all trading industry market standard documentation (such as that from the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA), Bond Market Association (BMA), the Public Securities Association (PSA) and the International Securities Market Association (ICMA)). 

    • We review, advise and negotiate: 

      1. on all master agreements (ISDA, GMRA, GMSLA etc.), bespoke terms or specific trade confirmations; and  

      2. on any other collateral arrangements used by market participants (such as credit support annexes, credit support deeds or collateral transfer agreements) over the counter or in a clearing environment master agreements, bespoke terms or specific trade confirmations. 

    • We create team manuals and guidance for your legal, credit & risk, business or operational functions to enhance their products with the impact of reducing risk and improving business efficiencies. 


  • Lending documentation (whether part of a syndicate or bilateral arrangement, related to acquisition (asset, business, equities, real estate) finance, bridge financing, project finance or structured finance). We draft, advise and negotiate:

    • bilateral lending arrangements (i.e. intra group or involving a third-party lender); 

    • syndicated loan agreements (i.e. term loan or revolving facilities, subject to market standard (loan Market Association) (LMA) or bespoke arrangements);

    • intercreditor arrangements; and

    • hedging aspect of the above transactions.

  • Securitisation transaction documents. We draft, advise and assist with:

    • structuring and legal documentation term sheets;

    • due diligence of the asset class documentation;

    • sale and purchase agreements;

    • account bank or cash management agreements; 

    • servicing arrangements;

    • funding, subscription and commitment arrangements; 

    • terms of debt or equity instruments; and

    • hedging documentation and any other documentation relating to a transaction.

​Note that apart from the financing aspects of the transactions, we also have expertise in all aspects of acquisition or project finance transactions involving the acquisition of a business, equities, or other interest in a target company, through our corporate, corporate finance and commercial law divisions.

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