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Charge Out Rates & Calculate Your Earnings

Charge out rates

We also do things differently when it comes to fees.  Flexibility is at our core, and this includes how we approach fees, offering you the option to choose to charge on a retainer, fixed-fee or hourly-rate basis. We have managed to eliminate cost from our fee arrangement, and we would hope that fee arrangement gives our clients all that upside. You are free to set or amend your normal rate to suit the commercial arrangements.  We do not have any billing targets, thus freeing the lawyer and client to create the best commercial arrangements and competitive rates.

This is revolutionary

At Aria Grace Law CIC you are paid a minimum of 90% of your billed fees. That is awesome. In traditional law firms, salary is set between 30-35% of billed fees, although this is offset by a significantly higher charge to the client. In alternative legal services providers such as Gunnercooke and Keystone, salary is set between 60-75% of billed fees. In other words, Aria Grace Law CIC pays its lawyers between 10-25% more than its highest-paying competitors. That is a pay rise of up to 25% more without having to work any harder. In addition: At Aria Grace Law CIC, we distribute ALL the profits to charity. After costs and overheads have been paid, the traditional law firm and alternative legal services providers models keep the profits.  


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