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Commercial Law

At Aria Grace Law CIC, we have a team of commercial lawyers with an astute understanding of the law who specialise in various aspects of commercial law. While we are based in London, our model allows us to help clients across the globe.

An Experienced and Trustworthy Team

We advise all types of businesses, from start-ups to high-growth companies and established corporate groups. We assist companies in navigating today's fast-paced and complex business landscape by offering extremely cost-efficient, well-structured, and practical solutions. We keep a watchful eye on the horizon to prevent minor issues from escalating into major problems down the road.

What Do We Advise On? ​

  • Advertising and marketing.

  • Agency agreements.

  • Anti-bribery compliance.

  • BPO / Outsourcing.

  • Confidentiality agreements.

  • Consultancy agreements.

  • Commercial due diligence. 

  • Commercial introduction agreements.

  • Custodian agreements. 

  • Data protection. 

  • Director's agreements.

  • Distribution agreements.

  • Funding agreements.

  • Franchise agreements.

  • Intellectual property and licensing strategies. 

  • Joint venture agreements.

  • Online terms and conditions.

  • Reseller agreements.

  • Supply agreements.

  • Supply of goods and services terms of business. 

  • Software service agreements.

  • Software licenses.

Our Specialists

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