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Competition & Antitrust Law 

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We have extensive experience in competition and antitrust law having worked in this field for over 20 years. We have in-depth experience in understanding how competition law can impact businesses and how they operate. Our range of experience is over a wide range of industries, but we are particularly specialised in the information technology and telecommunications industries.  If you need advice on how competition law can apply to your commercial agreement, transaction, or if you have had contact from a competition or regulatory authority and you want to know how to respond, contact Aria Grace Law CIC today for expert advice. Our EU competition law practice is qualified to advise on both EU and UK competition law. 



Competition and regulatory authorities whether in the UK or the EU have wide-ranging powers to investigate commercial contracts and arrangements or behaviour, to send information requests about any potentially anticompetitive behaviour and even to prohibit transactions and to impose severe penalties on infringing parties. Apart from the public enforcement of competition law, there is now also a significant additional risk of follow-on damages claims through enforcement by private parties.

In addition to competition law (also called antitrust law), there is also extensive economic regulation in relation to the technology industries whether from the communications or other economic regulators, but also regulation from the data protection authorities or cybersecurity authorities involving compliance and reporting requirements to a range of different bodies.

Compliance and risk management are key to avoiding problems and for legal certainty for all parties.

We have extensive experience in dealing with a range of competition authorities and regulators and advising how to best deal with the web of regulation involved in running a compliant business. 


We have in-depth knowledge of competition law in respect of the UK and EU. Our competition lawyer is dual qualified as an EU and UK competition lawyer and has a practice office in Paris and is qualified to advise on EU law and to provide advice under EU legal and professional privilege. 


We have hands-on experience in the industry as in-house counsel on how the law applies in practice and we give commercially focussed and pragmatic advice based on real-world experience.




If you would like to find out more about our competition and antitrust law work, please contact us at:

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