Data Protection & GDPR

At Aria Grace Law, we provide complete support to businesses for GDPR compliance, from legal and compliance to technology recommendations and programme implementation.


What does your organisation needs to know?

We have over 20 years’ experience in privacy law and the implementation of GDPR is not a mystery to us. Whilst, we have all heard the headlines about the big fines, GDPR is an opportunity for your organisation to get control over your data, a subset of which is personal data. We help you turn GDPR from a cost to a competitive advantage, making data an asset for your organisation.


We can build an entire GDPR program 

At Aria Grace Law we do the following:

  • Take the mystery and pain out of the Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR.

  • Conduct GDPR readiness assessments and actions.

  • Help you map your data and complete GDPR gap analysis which will involve a review on data processing agreements and clauses in a range of contractual agreements, policies and procedures.

  • Create a GDPR compliance roadmap and assistance in creating a budget.

  • Advise the business on the practical integration of privacy best practice.

  • Assist with internal projects (including legal GDPR implementation) and systems.

  • Support and review subject access requests and privacy & security impact assessments, data policies and “fair processing” notices.

  • GDPR/PECR training.

  • Make recommendations for technology commensurate to the risks of processing.

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