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We are a totally unique way of doing business: Wealth share (between clients, lawyers and society) and diversity and equality are all at our absolute core. And, we are great lawyers - that's what our clients tell us.

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Value for our clients

We have brilliant lawyers who bring enormous value to our clients. We drive excessive overheads down and we pass on all the cost savings to our clients.


Value for our lawyers


We pay our lawyers 90% of their fees, keep back 10% to pay for overheads, and when they are paid, we distribute the profits to charity and good causes. You decide the hours you want to work, and get paid accordingly. Everyone from the founder to a flexible parent choosing to work 3 hours a day gets paid in the exact same way. The only thing our lawyers have to do is to provide excellent services to our clients. We share pay and profits proportionately and equally. Our clients enable us, and we thank them by providing top notch services at low cost. Everyone wins: client and lawyer, and because of our model, society and the next generations. 


Value for society

We understand that it is difficult for older corporations and law firms to retrofit equality and diversity into their structure. For us it was easy as it is how Aria Grace Law was set up. But the one thing any corporation or law firm can do now, at the click of a finger, is to pay everyone equally. Not only have we created a structure for the future generations, bring great value to our clients and fairness to our lawyers, we also give all of our profits to charity, and after every deal, no matter how big or small, we plant trees.

No other law firm in the world does what we do, but we want to change that - we want to encourage other firms, whether lawyers, or accountants or bankers to follow what we do. 

What else do our clients get?

Clients receive: 

  • Top city/global elite lawyers - to meet all your legal and commercial needs. 

  • Super low cost to you as we have low very overheads.

  • Through our demonstrable diversity and equality, a law firm that reflects modern society.

  • Lawyers who just focus on you without chasing billing targets.


As a standard we always:

  • Respond to you promptly.

  • Deliver what we have agreed to deliver, on time and in budget.

  • Take time (at our cost) to understand your business and strategy.


And what else do our lawyers get?

We live and breathe diversity and equality. This is important to us and it is important to our clients. We are changing the way business is done with our clients' support and leave a great legacy for the next generation.


We do this in four ways:

1.  Flexi work - Our lawyers are professionals and come from large national and international practices and major in house legal departments. They know how to provide services and they choose the hours needed to devote to our clients, to meet our clients’ deadlines and while keeping excellent legal standard.

2.  Right skill /potential - If you are good enough, then your creed, colour, gender, sexual preferences in any form are not relevant to the job. 

3.  Proper pay - It’s worth saying again - unlike any other law firm or legal service provider any where - you get paid the most of what you are charged out for – starting at 90% of fees you bill. No other law firm or legal service provider does this or is anywhere close to it.

4.  You just do the law - We do everything else: technology, compliance, invoicing, bill chasing, insurance etc. You do the excellence. This model is truly unique and provides the best: services, people and price while promoting the best values of equality and diversity and wealth sharing. As all our lawyers own the profits and responsible or the legacy, we are all relentlessly focused on service and value to our clients who back us.

It is the best way of working so we can deliver the best service.

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