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Flex Lex Product

Growing a legal team, but flummoxed by IR35 restraints?

Is your team so stretched that all it can do is fire fight? 

About to lose a key player in the short/long term?

Are you ready for the onslaught of IR35?


To hire, or to contract, that is the question……


We offer a simple solution

Aria Grace Law CIC provides an ‘internal external’ counsel service. We have a team of experienced top-flight in-house lawyers. We know how to work with and for your business, which means we will:

  • handle the unexpected;

  • pick up and run with your work quickly;

  • give you tighter control over your budget; and

  • protect you against absence.

Leaving you to add value where your business needs it most.

How do we do it? 

By giving you cost-efficient full access to our entire team of in-house lawyers on a flexible basis.


We will:

  • speak your language;

  • manage stakeholder engagement;

  • behave just like you do with your business;

  • match our advice to the risk profile of your business;

  • provide one key contact, backed by a team of commercial lawyers;

  • make your team look good.

Why Aria Grace Law CIC?

We have a totally unique model which enables us to attract very senior lawyers who have a passion for helping our clients achieve their full potential as they grow. We are able to provide high value legal excellence, and share wealth between lawyers, clients and society using our #EthicalWorld values. 


We don’t have traditional shareholders or an expensive executive; we don’t have expensive offices. In fact, we simply don’t do traditional or expensive. And in the ultimate pay it forward:

  • all of our profits each year are donated to charity and good causes; and 

  • after every deal we plant a tree.


Our clients love the work we do for them: please have a look at our testimonials (click here); our lawyers love working in this way.

Our team is led by Rowan Middleton-Leal and Yvonne Lazarowicz (click here to find out more about their professional backgrounds).

If you would like to discuss this service, please contact

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