General Counsel Flex

We are experienced lawyers who can identify and manage risk in your organise, support your strategic aims and maximise efficiency in your approach to deals and/or set-up appropriate policy frameworks to manage compliance with legal obligations. We operate on a consultancy basis and will help you put in place resourcing models to aid your business to grow, using flexible methods which support your differing needs over time.

Problems that in-house legal teams face

Many in-house legal teams are overwhelmed by the volume of work with which they are expected to be able to deal with on a daily basis. Often suitable legal resources are in short supply, head count is frozen - with no diminution in work. The sheer amount of work means that in-house legal teams, out of necessity, end up focusing on fire-fighting urgent issues everyday, with no time to think about and organise the best approach to risk management within their organisation. This reactive approach to transactions means that there is no consistent approach to legal risk. Highly skilled (and expensive) legal teams are not utilised to their full potential in your business. Quite simply, in-house legal team are prevented from delivering their full value-add.

Aria Grace Law can help with these problems 

We can work with your in-house legal team to understand where their pressure points are and undertake a review of your organisation's risk appetite. We can help you to develop strategy and governance processes which deliver:

  • more efficient contracting;

  • better risk management;

  • an auditable controls framework; and

  • a clear approach to concluding deals which makes your business stand-out as one that is easy to engage with.

We work with your in-house legal team to best understand how to empower stakeholders within the business to:

  • understand the business’ risk (and risk appetite);

  • the legal issues and approach; and

  • work with the legal team to deliver better results for your business and its clients.

We help your organisation to optimise the creation, negotiation and management of deals (whether sales or

supply chain).

The Aria Grace Law Experience 

1. Our team help you analyse your business and categorise your agreements by type, volume, risk and value.

2. We work with you to create a tiered contracts system which represent the various levels of risk

within the organisation.


3. We help you figure out how to best deal with your high volume and low value contracts by creating

templates, playbooks and even using automation where appropriate. In most organisations, these types of contracts present the least risk but take up the most time, distracting the legal team from the bigger risks.


4. By creating processes, accountability, training and governance controls, we assist you in having

better control over your business processes, making it easier for you to understand, at any given moment, your organisational risk exposure. With the creation of clear processes, your in-house legal team empower and enable your business to operate and grow in a stable and sustainable way. Statistics show that organisations that have a consistent, orderly approach to contracting have fewer disputes with both clients and suppliers. You can concentrate on delivering excellence.

5. Working together, we create a more efficient and transparent in-house legal team that supports the business to achieve its goals.


6. By helping you to take the “noise” off the desk, we enable in-house legal teams to focus on the issues that matter to the organisation and to deliver the value-add that comes from being a fundamental part of your business.

The Aria Grace Law Experience is successful because... 

1. We have done it many times before! Our team of experienced lawyers have worked with publicly listed, global in-house legal teams to help them optimise the creation, negotiation and management of contracts and deal processes. We have a proven track record and experience behind us.

2. We passionately believe that we are there to help our clients to be the best. By working with our clients to be optimal, we are living our professional goals and working closely with our clients to achieve them.

3. Once we’ve helped you get your organisation in order, if you still need support, you can take advantage of our ad-hoc in-house counsel service by using the same team that helped you put together the improved in-house structure (and understand your business), to work with your in-house legal team on ad-hoc legal matters. 

Get in touch 

Our General Counsel Flex service is led by Alison Hastie and Yvonne Lazarowicz (click here to find out more about their professional backgrounds). If you would like to discuss this service, please contact 

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