Overview for lawyers


ARIA GRACE LAW IS the next step of ‘new model’ law firms. Established at the end of 2017, our client base has already multiplied twentyfold and our lawyers tenfold. Why? Because we treat our lawyers and clients as part of the same ecosystem, bringing phenomenal value to both at a time when costs and earnings are under increasing pressure.  We also bring a new and unique business model, not just looking at the incredible opportunity for our lawyers, but also for the benefit of society as a whole. We are about: diversity and equality, spreading wealth and leaving a great legacy to the next generations which is in all of our interests. It’s a human interest and we call it #EthicalWorld.

WHO SHOULD READ THIS: This section has been prepared for lawyers who are interested in working with Aria Grace Law.  It sets out the incredible benefits and financial rewards that we believe all legal service providers should, but don’t, provide. It describes how we work and the markets within which we currently operate. It shows how Aria Grace lawyers are able to provide exceptional service and value to clients while at the same time getting the best ratesin our market and also getting life / work in the right order.

OUR CLIENTS SEE US as heavyweight commercial advisors at a low cost, providing high value. Our clients are businesses of all sizes and love that we are a service led cutting-edge commercial law firm. We use state of the art technology and modern working practices to provide legal excellence – brilliantly attentive and top-quality service. While our lawyers are partners coming from top regional, city and global elite law firms and in-house departments, we are able to charge much less than traditional law firms while still being able to pay our lawyers the best rate in the market (see our Calculate Your Earnings page). Increasingly we are winning more and more business from traditional law firms and other alternative legal service providers.

LAWYERS LOVE OUR MODEL, they love our #EthicalWorld values, they love that Aria Grace Law is a firm that offers a great deal more than our conventional competitors, they love our clients, and they love that they can also enjoy our inclusive culture, client referrals, support and holiday cover. They also love how they are paid:  one of our differences is that we don’t waste costs and overheads (for which either the client pays or is deducted from the lawyers’ fees) on all the usual facilities, infrastructure and resources typically found in a traditional law firms or other legal services providers. We have stripped these out because they are excessive in the business model of the future and are of no value to clients and no value to our lawyers – that way, our clients get charged less our lawyers paid more. What’s not to love - it’s a win-win.

THE ONLY THING TO DO IS THE LAW: Aria Grace lawyers have the freedom to work from their own office, a client’s office or at some future point will have access to impressive cutting edge, low cost hubs. We handle all the firm’s technology, administration, compliance, client onboarding, invoicing, debt recovery, banking and marketing.

WE PAY THE BEST RATES: Aria Grace lawyers are experienced lawyers with an average 15 years’ PQE – they are top notch. As part of our #EthicalWorld values, every lawyer is paid in the same way (against their billed hours).  Our ambition is to ensure that we get the best lawyers and when we do, we want them to earn as close to 100% of their billing.  


No other law firm in the world does what Aria Grace Law does. If you are interested in joining us, please contact info@aria-grace.com.