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Mark French

Finance Manager 

Mark has over 24 years’ experience in legal finance matters, with 15 of those running the European billing & revenue collection function for a major US law firm. He fully understands the mechanics behind law firm billing and always looks for the best approach to deliver this to not just the Aria Grace Law CIC client base but the partners too.



Mark draws on his extensive experience to build and deliver tailored solutions to any organisation, regardless of size or turnover. This, combined with a desire to maximise profitability for clients without compromise gives any business the “edge” of being able to focus on what they do best knowing the revenue side is in safe hands. While also being our finance manager, he also manages the invoicing, collection, and distribution of funds for a division of a global talent agency.


  • Taking over the billing and revenue collection function for Aria Grace Law CIC.

  • Advising on and implementing “best practices” for both partners and clients.

  • Managing all invoices received from partners to Aria Grace Law CIC and ensuring that they are paid in a timely fashion for their work.

  • Invoicing all clients in accordance with Aria Grace Law CIC's payment terms and responding to any queries.

  • Updating clients and advising of costs incurred on a bi-monthly basis in order for them to manage their cash flow (where requested).

  • Compiling reports on Aria Grace Law CIC's financial position in order to inform the firm’s strategy and goal of donating large sums of money to charity.

  • Occasionally supervising and supporting junior team members within the firm’s executive team.

If you would like to find out more about the work Mark does with Aria Grace Law CIC and/or you would like to engage him to support your business with its billing and revenue collection, please do get in touch with him at We certainly recommend him as the go-to person for all billing and revenue queries.


"I have had the absolute pleasure of working with Mark for several months at Aria Grace Law (AGL) and I would definitely recommend him for his expertise in billing and revenue matters. Mark has added huge value to AGL and is extremely hardworking, diligent and trustworthy. He is always on hand to support the firm's partners and clients with any queries that they have and is very responsive and personable. While our roles are different, I really admire Mark and always enjoy working from him and importantly learning from him too. Mark has extensive knowledge in billing and revenue matters and the moment you speak to him, this is something that will become evident within a few minutes. I'm so glad that Mark decided to join us at AGL because not only have I gained a great team member but a wonderful friend too."
Puja Modha, Partner, Aria Grace Law
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