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Optimise for Success Product

Are you climbing a mountain of work?

  • Overwhelmed by the volume of work thrown at your team handle on a daily-basis?

  • Legal resources in short supply with no let-up in work? 

  • Forced to firefight instead of improving the way you and your business operate?

Being reactive means there is no consistent approach to legal risk. Your highly skilled legal team doesn’t have time to deliver its full value add. 

We offer a simple solution

We will learn about your pressure points and risk appetite to develop a strategy which will deliver:

  • more efficient deal making;

  • better risk management; and

  • an auditable controls framework. 


All of which make you easier to do business with. You will empower your stakeholders to deliver better results for your clients.  


You will gain control over your business processes, freeing you up to work at your best. You can concentrate on delivering excellence. 

Why Aria Grace Law CIC?

  • We’ve done it before! We have a proven track record and experience behind us.

  • At Aria Grace Law CIC we are passionate about helping our clients to be the best they can. 

  • We’re highly skilled ex in-house lawyers who speak your language.

After all that, if you still need support you can take advantage of our Flex Lex Product (click here). You’ll get the same people who understand you and your business.


Our Ethical Model

We have a totally unique model which enables us to attract very senior lawyers, who have a passion for helping our clients achieve their full potential as they grow.  We are able to provide high value legal excellence, and share wealth between lawyers, clients and society using our #EthicalWorld values. 


We don’t have traditional shareholders or an expensive executive; we don’t have expensive offices. In fact, we simply don’t do traditional or expensive. And in the ultimate pay it forward:

  • 5% of our profits each year are donated to Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity; and 

  • after every deal we plant a tree.

Our clients love the work we do for them: please have a look at our testimonials (click here); our lawyers love working in this way.

Our team is led by Alison Hastie, Rowan Middleton-Leal and Yvonne Lazarowicz (click here to find out more about their professional backgrounds).

If you would like to discuss this service, please contact


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