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Pay increases to 90% at Aria Grace Law...for everyone

In the week that Allen & Overy announced that the gender pay gap has inexplicably widened (see Law Society Gazette article here) we are proud to announce that we have increased pay for our lawyers to 90% of their clients’ billing.

The move from payment of 85% to 90% not only demonstrates the rapid growth of Aria Grace Law, but also furthers our resolve to pay those who bring the value, not an executive or shareholders. In addition to the 90% pay, our lawyers also get a share of the profit (equally in accordance with their billing) after 5% has gone to charity (currently Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children).

Lindsay Healy, the firm’s founder, said “Aria Grace Law is driving change – a change where clients do very well with great lawyers but at a fraction of the cost of traditional firms, where lawyers get the best percentage rates in the market which means they don’t have to artificially increase their fees to recover the losses an executive would ordinarily take, and where society benefits, not just because of our model, but also because we give 5% of profits to charity. We are spreading wealth in a large ecosystem”. If you’re interested in joining us as a lawyer, reach out to our founder on If you’re interested in creating an ethical business model in your industry, contact us on and let us share with you how we did it and our vision. Let’s make real change happen together. Lets create an #EthicalWorld that benefits all future generations.

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