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"People are our greatest assets" yadda yadda etc

An Easter challenge: for those companies and organisations who say: “’People’ are our greatest asset”:

Can these companies and organisations really say….

1. that they enable their “people” to work the way they want to work?

2. that they pay everyone in the same way, equally and transparently (including the boss)?

3. that the “people” (and not just the "executive" or shareholders) share in the profits equally?

4. that everyone can work flexibly?

5. that they want to make their “people” the maximum that can be made for them?

6. that Clients get the best “people” who are focussed on bringing huge value at the lowest possible cost?

7. that, on top of all the above, they donate 5% of profits to charity?

….and all of that coupled with a burning ambition to make a better world for the next generations?

Can your company do this? If not, why not?

Aria Grace Law can.

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Whatever we do, we have to stop the rot of power, greed and corruption and make better fairer business structures.


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