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SDRs of Germany & Aria Grace Law CIC Case Study

Updated: Apr 29

Empowering the Sales Community in German-Speaking Countries.

About SDRs of Germany

  • Provide an online training platform and community targeted to Sales Development Representatives ("SDRs").

  • Founded in 2022 by Helena Klaus and Mattia Schaper.

  • Zero rounds of funding.

The Challenge

SDRs of Germany offers a forward-thinking approach to professional development for SDRs through its innovative Online Masterclass Academy and vibrant online community. This unique platform empowers SDRs to not only refine their skills but also expand their professional network, gain invaluable industry insights and harness their potential for success. Understanding the critical importance of protecting their expanding business, the founders of SDRs of Germany were adamant about establishing robust contractual agreements. Their commitment to integrity and compliance underscores SDRs of Germany's ethos.

As SDRs of Germany actively engages with both consumers and businesses, ensuring legal compliance became a top priority. Recognising the complexity of legal frameworks, particularly concerning data privacy, SDRs of Germany sought our expertise to craft comprehensive terms and conditions for both business-to-business and business-to-consumer interactions, as well as to develop a robust data privacy framework.

The Solution

Aria Grace Law CIC Partner, Puja Modha, collaborated closely with SDRs of Germany to gain comprehensive insights into their operations, needs and aspirations. This approach enabled Puja to offer tailored legal solutions that not only addressed SDRs of Germany immediate requirements but also anticipated their future growth and evolving business landscape.

Aria Grace Law CIC drafted SDRs of Germany's legal documents tailored to their unique business model and clientele. This included drafting business-to-business and business to-consumer terms and conditions, collaboration agreements, founders' agreements and consultancy agreements as well as building a robust data privacy framework. This not only demonstrated SDRS of Germany's commitment to regulatory compliance and best practices but also fostered trust and transparency with their clients, whether businesses or consumers. Aria Grace Law CIC ensured that SDRs of Germany could navigate its growth trajectory

while safeguarding the interests of all parties involved, thereby facilitating a sustainable and scalable business model.

"Puja is that kind of person you call when you need things to be done quickly as well as professionally as well as personally! I got to work with her as our legal counsel with SDRs of Germany and she has been an absolute game changer! The way she works is not only on point but she also take the time to understand your businesses objectives as well as struggles to make sure she finds the best way of supporting you! 120% I would recommend her again!”.

- Helena Klaus - SDRs of Germany Co-Founder

"We are thrilled to act as the legal counsel for SDRs of Germany and to support it on its journey. Helena and Mattia are inspiring individuals and it's an absolute pleasure to support them with their business. Sarah (my paralegal) and I look forward to our weekly check-ins with Helena and absolutely love how she operates She's commercially minded but fair and with a huge heart - I'm grateful that she's chosen us at Aria Grace Law CIC to be her legal counsel."

- Puja Modha - Aria Grace Law CIC Partner


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