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Shortlisted in 2 categories for the Modern Law Awards 2020

We are delighted to announce that Aria Grace Law has been shortlisted for the “Business Growth Award” and our founder, Lindsay Healy has been shortlisted for “Managing Partner of the Year” by the Modern Law Awards 2020.

Being shortlisted in these 2 categories after 24 months of hard work to create the world's first equal pay / equal share of profits law firm, is an enormous recognition of our growth as a successful organisation. We consider clients, lawyers and society within one ecosystem and are so grateful to everyone that has supported us during our journey.

Aria Grace Law uses state-of-the-art technology, business optimisation, service-first delivery and has equality and diversity rooted in its DNA. It has rapidly increased its client base and has over 100+ clients benefiting from its model whereby clients receive legal excellence at consistently much lower fees than they would receive from City law firms. Aria Grace Law has also increased its number of lawyers, practice areas and jurisdictional presence to include Ireland, France, Germany and Slovakia.

Unlike most founders, Lindsay Healy gets paid in the exact say way as everyone else within Aria Grace Law – 90% of what he bills his clients and an equal share of the profits (pro-rata billing). He is an advocate for wealth share and equality and demonstrates this through his day-to-day actions. He consistency shows kindness, fairness and transparency and is an example of someone who is against the culture of greed and is actively working towards changing society.

About the Modern Law Awards: It was launched several years ago to celebrate and identify talent and success in entrepreneurship, market development, business management and best practice in the modern legal services arena. The Modern Law Awards offers a unique and timely opportunity to celebrate innovative business leaders, the changing face of business strategy and development, regulation management and client care throughout organisations - for both short and long-term gains. To find out more about the Modern Law Awards, click here.

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