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The Environment and Circulytics

On World Environment Day, we have an incredible environmental announcement. 

In the transition from linear to circular, measuring progress is key. We are pleased to have received our first circularity score (we scored an “A” which is absolutely awesome) in the #Circulytics tool produced by our client, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation. We will continue to drive further progress on the road to full circularity across our operations. #circulareconomy #measuringcircularity

The three principles of a circular economy are:

  1. design out waste and pollution;

  2. keep products and materials in use; and

  3. regenerate natural systems.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s Circulytics measurement is now the most comprehensive circularity measurement tool available in the world, capable of measuring the full circularity of a business to allow comprehensive decision making and to guide circular economy strategies.

Challenge yourself and your company to see how well you can do by clicking here.


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