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How to start a revolution?

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There is no doubt that bringing change to a world steeped in tradition, like the legal world, is full of challenges. We have been doing it now for 9 months so we know. It is actually a revolution because those in power do not want their world changed.  But every day small change adds up to big change and our message is getting out - inequality and dinosaurs belong to the past.  Expensive fees for poor or average performance is not acceptable, and not just in the legal services world either. So long as it can be accepted that greed is not good, then fairness, diversity, meritocracy, excellence, equal pay and profit sharing are not difficult.  We want to create a better world and a great legacy for the next generation.  We have created the world's most ethical law firm, and its growing. Clients love it, lawyers love it - it's the Aria Grace Law model and others should copy it.  Sounds like a revolution. It is.  Join up as a client, lawyer or supporter -  Like if you like, Share if you love.

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