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The power of teams

When one becomes many, the outcome is to change the world forever.

Great ideas are great, but it takes a huge effort to turn them into an action and actually deliver them.  So starting up Aria Grace Law, a legal firm based on an ideology of fairness, equality, diversity and respect while at the same time delivering legal excellence at low cost for our clients is a massive challenge.  One thing in life you realise very quickly is that while the power of one enables control, the power of two brings a larger multiple of depth and strength to push out the vision into reality, and so it goes on with 3 and 4.  That strength and depth accelerates even more when others can provide different insight, different skills, different backgrounds, cultures: diversity - it's what our society is made of and so it makes such little sense to have just one portion of society making up the majority of businesses.  The one sector of society is quite stark in law firms, and that is the mould we are seeking to break.  With that, it is an exciting week for Aria Grace Law - we are just about to be blessed with an amazing non-executive director who possesses intelligence and a passion for equality and diversity in equal measure, as well as two new lawyers who happen to be returning mums with diverse backgrounds.  The DNA of Aria Grace Law is set to become more enriched. 


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