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Top Five Tree-Planting Organisations

Aria Grace Law is an ethical organisation that truly cares about lawyers, clients, and most importantly about society as a whole. We have been actively supporting the Woodland Trust for the past year, planting over 300 trees and donating more than £5000. Planting trees is one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect the environment, support communities, offset carbon emissions, and combat climate change. To help you get started and help your business plant trees for a better world, we've done some research and identified a few organisations worth supporting. Here are the top five tree-planting organisations that we've found out about: Woodland Trust, One Tree Planted, International Tree Foundation, Plant with Purpose and TreeApp.

Who are they?: Woodland Trust is the United Kingdom's leading woodland conservation charity, dedicated to the creation, protection, and restoration of natural woodland heritage. It has planted over 43 million trees, and it takes pride in conducting research, gathering evidence to better understand the environment, as well as publishing critical reports.

What do they do?: There are numerous initiatives for you to help Woodland Trust with. You can begin by making donations to help plant trees and offset carbon emissions. You can also dedicate a tree, woodlands, or a park bench to friends and families.

Who are they?: One Tree Planted is a non-profit organisation dedicated to making it easy and accessible for anybody to help the environment by planting trees across North America, Latin America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Pacific. Their work helps in the restoration of land damaged by human and natural disasters, as well as the support of communities and ecosystems.

What do they do?: They provide an excellent model in which you can gain access to a versatile platform that will enable you to easily track your donations, tree plantings, and environmental impacts. Each tree costs $1 (approximately 70p). You can also support by becoming a member of the community or an ambassador, organising your own fundraiser, or volunteering at a tree-planting event.

Who are they?: For years, the International Tree Foundation ("ITF"), has inspired and powered the global environmental and reforestation movement. They share a vision of a world in which trees and forests thrive and their critical role in sustaining planetary and human well-being is recognised.

What do they do?: ITF works directly with the local community to build sustainable programmes and lifestyles for families by planting trees all over Africa and the United Kingdom. Their work includes funding for the restoration and education of African drylands, as well as the preservation and planting of indigenous trees. Each tree costs £1 to plant and has an average survival rate of 85%. They work on a variety of initiatives and work closely with communities to make a long-term impact. You may help this non-profit by making direct donations to support their work or by joining as a member.

Who are they?: Plant with Purpose’s programs equip farming families around the world to increase farm yields, heal damaged ecosystems, improve nutrition, and increase household savings and opportunities. This integrated approach solves two major issues facing the world today: environmental degradation and rural poverty.

What do they do?: They provide a simple platform that allows you to give whenever you want and keep track of all the trees you grow. Each tree costs $1 (approximately 70p) and they work in eight different countries that have been impacted by deforestation and poverty.

Who are they?: TreeApp's mission is to make the world a better place. They are aiming to do that by enabling people to plant one tree for free every day with no effort, as well as by assisting organisations in spreading the word about their sustainable products and services.

What do they do?: TreeApp allows users to grow trees all around the world with just a few taps. With a business partnership, they will list and advertise your brand on TreeApp and you will get access to their assets, including images, videos, and testimonials from their planting sites. TreeApp also provides a tree planting certificate, which includes the information of your donations as well as the number of trees planted.

We are continuously looking for new organisations to support and we are aware that there are countless organisations out there, feel free to share with us any other organisations that you believe are worth supporting.


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