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We have grown TENFOLD since we started and are looking forward to 2019

Wishing you and all our Clients and Supporters a very happy and successful 2019 from all of us at Aria Grace Law. I want to thank you very much for your support in 2018 in helping us create a truly ethical business model and we look forward to continue providing you with high value, low cost legal services this year. It was thanks to your support in 2018 that we could:


1. increase our lawyer base tenfold – this includes returning parents availing of our flexible working model who otherwise would not have been able to get back to work. Our Diversity and Equality strategy is really humming and we want more lawyers;

2. create our #EthicalWorld business model – Aria Grace Law isn’t just about diversity and truly fair working conditions and paying everyone equally (85% of fees and proportionate share of profits for all), but goes way beyond to things like choosing ethical suppliers (for example our printers use recycled paper and donate 5% to reforestation), providing mentoring to underprivileged children, building climate change awareness and promoting wealth diversification#EthicalWorld is ultimately about actually doing, not just talking, in order to leave a better legacy to the next generations. 

3. diversify our commercial offering – so that we can now offer specialist mediation/dispute resolution, employment, M&A, compliance advice (GDPR, ISO, ISAE) as well as our traditional focus on being heavyweight commercial law lawyers; and

4. grow our client base – to include Wealth Management, Financial Services and Pensions Services, global legal services providers, as well as our established base of technology, fintech clients and of course our start ups.

We do this all, at low cost to you our client, while at the same time bringing high value legal excellence.

We are going to grow this tenfold again in 2019. Thank you for your continued support - you can join us as a client (to reduce your legal spend) or lawyer (to maximise your earnings) but above all PLEASE CONTINUE TO LIKE AND SHARE our #EthicalWorld messages.

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