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A law firm like no other. We cover a range of service and promote equality.

Most of our clients see us as an integral part of their team, and we’re confident you’ll do the same. Click on the links on this page to see more about our services.

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Banking & Finance Law

Regulatory advisory and transaction matters.

Commercial Law

Giving your business the expertise and advice it needs day-to-day.

Corporate Law

Corporate lawyers with the experience to deal with issues and transactions of all types and sizes. 

Competition &
Antitrust Law

Providing competition law advice.

Commercial Property Law

Assisting on all areas of non-contentious commercial property law.

Compliance Consulting

Designing, building and developing internal compliance functions.

Employment Law

Advising and supporting on every area of employment law.

Data Protection & GDPR

Experts that build and enhance any program.

Technology &
Outsourcing Law

Experts on all types of agreements and relationships.

Intellectual Property Law

Working with clients to develop effective strategies to manage their intellectual property.

Media Law

Offering expert advice on all aspects of digital and interactive media.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Ethical mediation, arbitration, and expert determination.

Optimise for Success 

Working with in-house legal teams with their strategy, governance and stakeholder engagement.

General Counsel Product

Let us be your first in-house legal team.

Corporate lawyers, sharing wealth & giving back. Want to find out more about joining us?

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