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Social Responsibility 

Aria Grace Law CIC's Corporate Social Responsibility is the firm’s ethical behaviour towards its lawyers, clients, suppliers and society as a whole. The premise upon which Aria Grace Law CIC has been founded is on creating and developing an #EthicalWorld approach to society – this generation and the next generations, caring about people and their surroundings in both the present moment and for the future.


We take our role in the community extraordinarily seriously and can show you what we're doing to make positive and sustainable change:


1.  Caring about our lawyers and demonstrating equality - We live and breathe diversity and equality; we demonstrate flexibility, fairness and transparency, and revenue/profit sharing for all our lawyers. Our model operates on meritocracy and if a lawyer is good enough, they're good enough - their creed, colour, gender, sexual preferences or age are not relevant, other than for the values that they bring.  

2.  Caring about our workplace and the environment - We are a virtual law firm and as a consequence of this have a very low environmental impact.  We use technology to work on documents and interact with several of our clients virtually or in their offices. In situations when hardcopy documents are required, we print on double sided paper where possible. Alternatively, when physical attendance is required for a meeting, we aim to use public transportation to minimise environmental pollution. 

3.  Caring about the local and global community - We believe that it is important to guide, mentor and empower the future generations and as a result are involved in mentoring individuals who are at different stages in their lives. This is because it allows us to teach them to maintain and further develop the #EthicalWorld that Aria Grace Law CIC is supporting. We are also involved in giving time, doing pro-bono work and ad-hoc monetary support to certain charitable organisations. 


We would be grateful if you would help us share our #EthicalWorld vision which benefits individuals and communities on a local and global scale. 

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