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Social Impact

Aria Grace Law CIC is an ethical organisation that truly cares about lawyers, clients, suppliers and society as a whole. The premise upon which Aria Grace Law CIC has been founded is on creating and developing an #EthicalWorld approach to society – this generation and the next generations, caring about people and their surroundings in both the present moment and for the future. We take our role in the community extraordinarily seriously and can show you what we're doing to make positive and sustainable change.

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We treat our pro bono clients as we do our paying clients and support all our lawyers to get involved - at all levels of seniority and whatever their area of expertise. For example, over the last 12 months, we've done the following on a pro-bono basis:

  • Helped 26 companies / SMEs out of their oppressive Regus/IWS tenancy agreements.

  • Supported two brilliant Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") groups (Radical Recruitment and Private Goodness in their incredible CSR related work).

  • Advised a number individuals on their furlough contracts and settlement agreements.

  • Become a trustee of Key4Life which is a charity that helps prisoners and former prisoners reintegrate back into society and also get jobs.

  • Supported several SMEs (especially within the fitness sector) with their terms and conditions and compliance with data protection legislation.

  • Sponsored a student-led legal news website where future lawyers collaborate and share their thoughts on noteworthy topics. 

  • Mentored a number of individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds that are seeking a career in law.

  • Worked with certain charitable organisations in providing advice on legal and compliance matters.


Planting trees is one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect the environment, support communities, offset carbon emissions, and combat climate change. We have been actively supporting the Woodland Trust for the past year, planting over 300 trees and donating more than £5000.


We plant a tree after every deal!

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