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Inga Kroener

Partner | Data Privacy Consultant

Inga has over 14 years’ experience working in the area of data protection and privacy in relation to new and emerging technologies. She is able to translate complex data protection issues into clear and understandable language; to enable clients to make informed business decisions in relation to data protection. She has experience of working with a range of public and private sector clients, including: tech start-ups, charities, multi-national organisations, Non-Governmental Organisations, and financial services organisations.

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More about Ingra

Her expertise lies in helping organisations to develop robust data protection programmes, and providing advice and assistance related to policies, procedures and processes, data protection impact assessments (DPIAs), records of processing activities, data breach notification, data subjects’ rights requests, and international transfers of personal data. She supports organisations in navigating risks related to personal data processing activities and to meet their accountability obligations. She also develops and delivers bespoke and practical data protection training.

Recent Work

  • Drafting a set of data protection and information security policies and procedures for a multi-national organisation.

  • Delivering bespoke one-to-one and group training to a range of clients across different sectors. 

  • Producing an in-depth data protection impact assessment (DPIA) methodology and process for a multi-national organisation.

  • Supporting a client to conduct in-depth vendor due diligence.

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