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Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual Property (“IP”) is a crucial asset for many businesses. Without informed and proactive legal guidance and a well-defined IP strategy, businesses may fail to protect their IP rights, leaving themselves vulnerable to IP infringement. Effective IP protection can also help increase the profitability of your business. If you require advice on IP law, contact Aria Grace Law CIC today for expert solutions. While we are based in London, our model allows us to assist clients globally.

Full Range of Intellectual Property Law Advice

We regularly advise on:

  • Trademark and registered design filings, both in the UK and EU, using our integrated filing practice.

  • IP litigation including patent, copyright, design right and trademark litigation and passing off.

  • Brand protection programmes, including developing anti-counterfeiting strategies.

  • Copyright and other IP right clearances for inclusion of material in television programmes, films, websites, or other media, including advertising.

  • Trade mark and design revocation proceedings.

  • Assignments of IP and joint ventures involving IP.

  • IP licences.

Intellectual Property Law Advice for All Types of Companies

Our team of IP lawyers is composed of UK and EU IP law experts. With their extensive knowledge, they can help you manage your IP, allowing your business’s innovation and creativity to drive commercial success.

Our Specialist

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