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Kirsten MacKay


Kirsten has spent her legal career to date as a government lawyer, which has included the provision of specialist commercial legal advice in the public sector. Since 2004 Kirsten has provided in-house legal advice on a range of technical and operational issues, often cutting edge and without precedent, in the intelligence and security environment. She has provided legal advice on matters at the heart of the privacy v security debate.


Kirsten has years of experience in the provision of legal advice on cyber security, cyber defence and offensive cyber matters, including in relation to tools, techniques and capabilities. She has contributed directly to the UK’s national cyber capabilities.


Kirsten has extensive practical experience of the Investigatory Powers Act 2016 (IPA), and associated legislation, with deep expertise in the laws that apply to interception, equipment interference and surveillance. She was also part of a core team of experts that contributed to the statutory review required by the IPA, led by the Home Office.


Kirsten has developed and maintained successful and productive relationships with internal and external stakeholders and oversight bodies, where trust and confidence are essential.


  • 4093-200
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