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Nick Bent


Nick is a highly experienced commercial and corporate lawyer with over 20 years’ experience within private practice and in-house (including at Dewey Leboeuf, Practical Law and Lexis Nexis). Nick is a dual-qualified lawyer in England & Wales and South Africa, has significant international experience across the UK, Europe, US and other jurisdictions, and holds an MBA degree in addition to his legal qualifications.


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More About Nick

Nick has a wide range of commercial and corporate experience and expertise, particularly within the fields of technology and media law, including: master services agreements; licence agreements; SaaS; software development; partner (reseller / distributor) agreements; data protection (EU and UK GDPR); internet (website and app) terms and conditions; intellectual property rights; production agreements (film and television); social media advice and documents; general commercial contract advice, drafting and review.     

Recent Work

  • Engaging as part-time in-house counsel for a software (data discovery) business, advising on all types of commercial and corporate matters, including drafting and reviewing customer contracts and various template standard documents.

  • Drafting a template pack of talent (performer) agreements for a talent agency, with different versions to cover the potential parties involved (e.g., a version that includes the talent’s agent), and advising on specific talent engagements. 

  • Reviewing supplier agreements, SaaS agreements, master services agreements, and drafting a data processing agreement, for an online logistics business.

  • Drafting social media influencer agreements, the terms and conditions for a NFT (non-fungible token) competition, and a website privacy policy, for a PR agency. 

  • Drafting a production agreement and supplier contract, as well as other bespoke legal documents, for a production company. 

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