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Aria Grace Law CIC's Approach to Cross-Border Transactions

At Aria Grace Law CIC, we specialise in providing comprehensive cross-border legal services, meeting the varied needs of our clients operating across different jurisdictions. We focus on facilitating seamless transactions and ensuring legal compliance. Our team offers expert legal assistance on various types of cross-border transactions, as described in this blog.



At Aria Grace Law CIC, our partners specialise in cross-border corporate transactions, particularly mergers and acquisitions. We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet diverse needs, including drafting share purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, shareholders agreements and articles of association. Additionally, our expertise extends to ancillary documents such as financing and security arrangements. We also advise on other corporate transactions such as listings and debt offerings and provide further detailed insights into various types of corporate transactions.


Our team excels in facilitating cross-border transactions across various jurisdictions, offering specialised expertise in the following areas:


● Transactions in the United Kingdom, or transactions in any other jurisdictions that are governed by English law: Managed by our partners including Lindsay Healy, Louise Wolfson and Nick Bent who are equipped to provide assistance in such cases.

● Transactions in South Africa and other emerging markets: Managed by Nick Bent who holds dual qualifications in the UK and South Africa.

● Transactions in the United States: Managed by US qualified partner Helena Haykin.

● Transactions in Italy: Managed by our Italian partners Pierfrancesco Fasano and Alberto Piergrossi.

● Transactions in Jersey: Managed by Jersey qualified partner Rory Graham.


Our partners are also able to assist clients with cross-border transactions in other jurisdictions. While the transactions we advise on are typically governed by English law, or fall within one of the categories above, our extensive experience in international dealings allows us to advise on transactions in other jurisdictions and engage with local partners for jurisdiction-specific details when necessary.


One of the key benefits of partnering with Aria Grace Law CIC is our ability to advise on international transactions without the necessity of engaging multiple legal teams. Clients benefit from seamless communication and collaboration, supported by our team’s deep understanding of international clients and cultures.


Commercial, technology and data privacy


In addition to corporate matters, we advise on other types of cross-border commercial transactions, catering to a wide range of clients from the UK, US, Europe and beyond. Whether it’s drafting technology agreements (a particular area of expertise), negotiating distribution contracts or international standard terms, our team possesses comprehensive knowledge and experience across diverse commercial sectors.


We also advise on data privacy compliance, offering guidance on UK and EU regulations and assisting clients with global data privacy matters. This includes conducting data privacy impact assessments (“DPIAs”) to evaluate and mitigate data privacy risks associated with new projects or initiatives, as well as assisting in the development and implementation of robust policies and procedures to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Our data privacy team also provides strategic advice on international data transfers. We take a proactive stance to protect our clients’ data assets and ensure compliance.




Our international practice encompasses cross-border corporate and commercial transactions for clients worldwide. Whether headquartered in the UK, Europe or elsewhere, we assist international clients in navigating complex legal landscapes, providing guidance and engaging local partners for jurisdiction-specific advice where necessary. From corporate transactions to commercial contracts, we offer tailored solutions to meet the unique needs of our global clientele. To learn more about how Aria Grace Law CIC can assist you with your international legal needs, please contact us at


Article by Nick Bent (Partner) – 29th April 2024


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