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Aria Grace Law now offers English, Irish and German legal advice

Aria Grace Law, the London based law firm,  is delighted to welcome Katharina de Resseguier as its newest partner.

Katharina is a German attorney at law, who was admitted in 1999 to the bar in Frankfurt/Main.  She has experience in German contract and business law, analysis and drafting of expert opinions in a number of different areas (e.g. distribution and commercial agents contracts; software contracts, publishing contracts, intellectual property issues, transportation law, bankruptcy issues).  Located in Paris  she is  currently advising one of the world's largest Legal Services Providers on their European GDPR implementation.

Katharina is a fantastic addition to the Aria Grace Law team which previously provided English and Irish legal expertise to its wide variety of clients. Aria Grace Law provides top in class legal services at very very low cost to clients.  It pays all of its lawyers (including the founder) 80% of their charge out and they share equally in the profits of the company. The focus is on fairness (for clients and lawyers) while creating a brilliant legacy for the next generation. 

No other law firm in the world does what Aria Grace Law does.


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