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eola & Aria Grace Law CIC Case Study

Updated: Oct 30, 2023

Eliminating Barriers & Accelerating the Signatures of Over 100 Customers

About Eola

  • The leading booking platform for the activity and leisure industry.

  • Founded in 2018.

  • >400 customers.

  • 2 rounds of funding.

About Will Koning

  • CCO at eola.

  • Former founder and CEO of SaaSLeads Academy.

  • >15 years in tech sales.

  • A LinkedIn Top Sales Influencer.

The Challenge

eola underwent a strategy pivot in 2022, whereby they wanted to renew and sign new customers from pay-as-you-go, SaaS model subscriptions to multi-year retainer-based contracts. This would enable a significant uplift in revenue but also a more structured customer experience that would lead to greater platform engagement, usage and advocacy.

The challenge was that such a shift in contract type would inevitably lead to increased friction and length of time in contract negotiations. This is where Aria Grace Law CIC got to work.

The Solution

With extensive corporate and commercial legal experience, the team led by Puja Modha was able to not only mitigate the expected increase in the deal timescale but actually reduce it. By understanding the value and requirements of both eola and their customers, the pivot wanted by eola could be demonstrated as a win-win for both parties. Therefore, Aria Grace Law CIC created new order forms, contract structures and templates, as well as positional training and advice as to how to navigate the conversation with new and existing customers.

"The terms of service created by Aria Grace Law CIC have been absolutely intrinsic in the success of our recent commercial results by significantly reducing red lines and push back barriers. They show that tier 1 level legal services don't have to be delivered in the traditional 'corporate' way!"

- Will Koning - eola CCO

"We are delighted that we could support eola and Will, who we had previously worked with in other capacities. Their business and model is multi-faceted and with exciting high growth potential. The team were great to work with and we look forward to supporting eola into the future!"

- Puja Modha - AGL CIC Partner

The Results

  1. 20% reduction in sales cycle timeframe.

  2. 100+ customers moved onto multi-year deals in the last 12 months.

eola case study
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