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Raffaella Pileri 

Raffaella Maria Pileri is an accomplished lawyer, mediator and dispute resolution expert, with 30 years of experience in the field. Throughout her career, she has been dedicated to promoting respect, equity and effective dispute resolution, establishing herself as a prominent figure in international mediation and negotiation.

Raffaella specialises in international contracts negotiation, arbitration, mediation advocacy, and deal mediation in various areas including real estate, international trade law, distribution and agency, as well as settlement agreements for complex and multiparty cross-border disputes.

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More About Raffaella

Raffaella is an experienced litigator and has successfully represented clients in Civil Courts Litigation involving cross-border disputes related to international sale of goods, letter of credit and international payments and guarantees, insolvency, unfair competition, employment disputes, family and inheritance disputes and international children abduction cases.

Additionally, Raffaella serves as a FAO Mediator and Conflict Resolution Specialist, demonstrating her ability to handle disputes within complex organisational structures.

Recent work 


  • She assisted foreign investors in the negotiating contracts for the sale and construction of  luxury real estate in Italy.

  • She served as legal counsel of a luxury health centre company, where she negotiated, drafted, reviewed and managed commercial contracts.

  • She successfully litigated cases on behalf of Indian clients, securing the recovery of documentary credits and International Sales of Goods.

  • She provided successful litigation representation and advisory services regarding the implementation of the International Hague Convention on multiple cases of International Children Abductions.

  • She was appointed as an Expert for the Magistrate Court of London in a case involving the International Warrent of Arrest (IWA) and Extradition matters.

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