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Puja Modha


Puja is a commercial lawyer and compliance officer with over 10 years of experience during which she has worked at Citigroup, Société Générale, MUFG Securities plc, and Smart Pension. She can advise you on confidentiality agreements, terms and conditions, partnership and reseller agreements, introducer agreements, commission sharing agreements as well as consultancy and employment agreements.

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More about Puja

Her expertise also lies in developing compliance programs on data protection, anti-money laundering, anti-bribery and corruption and anti-slavery and human trafficking. She has experience in conducting risk assessments, building governance frameworks, drafting policies and procedures, reviewing contractual relationships, preparing and delivering training as well as engaging with auditors and regulators (such as the Information Commissioner's Office, Financial Conduct Authority, National Crime Agency and Crown Prosecution Service). 

Recent Work

  • Drafting terms of business for a client and then creating a playbook and training an entire sales team on how to use and negotiate the terms of business.

  • Advising a client in how to respond to an RFP and supporting on reviewing contractual documentation that was provided during the process. 

  • Drafting the terms of use for a multi-national organization’s online platform. 

  • Single-handily reviewed over 60,000 documents for a client as part of a complex data subject access request and formulated a strategy to support a client in managing its risk. 

  • Building a robust multi-jurisdictional data protection compliance program.

  • Supporting a client to conduct vendor due diligence and review all of its contractual documentation.

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